Michael Blanchette

Michael H. Blanchette, RA


With over thirty-five years of experience as an architect, project manager, and partner, Michael is responsible for overall project and administrative management. Michael directs the project team to create a functional and efficient building environment while simultaneously ensuring high-quality design and construction documents. Michael’s design and technical skills coupled with his building code expertise ensure the successful implementation of each client’s specific programming needs.

Ronald J. Meehan, RA


As an architect and partner at NDA, Ron is responsible for the daily operations of the firm and is actively involved in each project, providing leadership and knowledge to ensure project success and client satisfaction. Ron has over thirty-years of experience in all phases of the design and construction process with a diversity of project types including commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, hospitality, military, and residential.

Joseph R. Onorato, AIA

Manager – Business Development & Quality Control

A founding partner of NDA, Joseph has provided the firm with an extensive wealth of knowledge in architectural planning and design. His decades of experience and diverse technical skills ensure that project documents are prepared with excellence and accuracy. The experience that Joseph has gained from his assignments over the years allows him to oversee projects from start to completion, while avidly building and maintaining relationships with clients. Client satisfaction is Joseph’s top priority, and the knowledge he brings to the design team is an integral part of NDA.

Kurt Nilsen


Since joining NDA in 2005, Kurt has been responsible for planning and coordinating many large complex projects including retail, industrial and warehouse/distribution facilities. Kurt provides added strength to the team through his attention to detail and passion for quality work. With over twenty-five years of experience and a substantial understanding of building design and construction, Kurt effectuates his position with strong technical skills and versatility.

Jennifer E. Melchin

Interior Designer

Jennifer has designed spaces for corporate offices, high-end retail, industrial facilities, and residential units. With more than twenty years of experience and over ten years with NDA, Jennifer finds excitement in developing an effective space plan and integrating creative design elements in every assignment. Jennifer’s duties include lighting selection and placement, design and detailing of custom millwork, and promoting elements that will heighten a project’s design interest. Her creative ability to transform visions into reality adds a sense of individuality that is exclusive to each client.